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Aceh, Indonesia Joined August 2022

Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Hive can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called powering up.
0.000 HIVE
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
Part of alfirdaus's HIVE POWER is currently delegated. Delegation is donated for influence or to help new users perform actions on Hive. Your delegation amount can fluctuate.
HIVE POWER increases at an APR of approximately 2.99%, subject to blockchain variance. See FAQ for details.
1,601.885 HIVE
(-1,508.884 HIVE)
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Balances subject to 3 day withdraw waiting period.
HBD interest rate: 20.00% APR (as voted by the Witnesses)
0.000 HIVE
Estimated Account Value
The estimated value is based on an average value of Hive in US dollars.



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Beware of spam and phishing links in transfer memos. Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites. Transactions will not show until they are confirmed on the blockchain, which may take a few minutes.
2 hours agoClaim rewards: 0.180 HBD and 0.523 HIVE POWER
2 days agoClaim rewards: 0.247 HBD and 0.713 HIVE POWER
5 days agoClaim rewards: 0.263 HBD and 0.724 HIVE POWER
5 days agoReceived 0.005 HBD from dbuzz
Help us OPEN SOURCE & continue : D.Buzz please consider voting for our hive proposal
5 days agoClaim rewards: 0.294 HBD and 0.807 HIVE POWER
6 days agoClaim rewards: 0.197 HBD and 0.537 HIVE POWER
7 days agoClaim rewards: 0.278 HBD and 0.761 HIVE POWER
8 days agoClaim rewards: 0.421 HBD and 1.156 HIVE POWER
11 days agoClaim rewards: 0.256 HBD and 0.702 HIVE POWER
13 days agoClaim rewards: 0.512 HBD and 1.395 HIVE POWER
16 days agoClaim rewards: 0.543 HBD and 1.456 HIVE POWER
17 days agoClaim rewards: 0.574 HBD and 1.482 HIVE POWER
19 days agoClaim rewards: 0.550 HBD and 1.375 HIVE POWER
22 days agoClaim rewards: 0.621 HBD and 1.550 HIVE POWER
23 days agoClaim rewards: 1.331 HBD and 3.307 HIVE POWER
27 days agoTransfer 464.398 HIVE POWER to alfirdaus
27 days agoClaim rewards: 0.850 HBD and 2.095 HIVE POWER
last monthPaid 25.975 HBD for 65.288 HIVE
last monthReceived 0.001 HIVE from indiaunited
It is unfortunate to see you undelegate from Indiaunited community. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us on our Discord.
last monthClaim rewards: 2.886 HBD and 6.875 HIVE POWER
last monthReceived 399.000 HIVE from indodaxofficial
last monthReceived 0.001 HBD from howo
Hi ! I've been a core developer on hive for three years now, working on features that are now powering the chain and improving user experience like RC delegations or recurrent transfers and currently wrapping up some features that will go live in hard fork 27. I'm also hosting the monthly core dev meeting. I would like to carry on working for hive for a fourth year. I am looking for support on my renewed proposal as the current one will expire soon. It's the same deal as the last one. Could you review it and maybe vote on it if it's worth your support ? Thanks a lot !
2 months agoClaim rewards: 0.454 HBD and 1.093 HIVE POWER
2 months agoClaim rewards: 2.186 HBD and 5.809 HIVE POWER
3 months agoClaim rewards: 0.197 HBD and 0.478 HIVE POWER
3 months agoClaim rewards: 0.350 HBD and 0.843 HIVE POWER