Deva Winblood

Network Engineer, Game Developer, Musician, Voluntaryist, Father, Grandfather, Human... "Compassion by proxy isn't" - Me Preferred pronouns: I don't care,...

Missouri, USA Joined July 2016

Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Hive can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called powering up.
0.000 HIVE
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
HIVE POWER increases at an APR of approximately 2.97%, subject to blockchain variance. See FAQ for details.
2,324.992 HIVE
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Balances subject to 3 day withdraw waiting period.
HBD interest rate: 10.00% APR (as voted by the Witnesses)
0.000 HIVE
Estimated Account Value
The estimated value is based on an average value of Hive in US dollars.


The next power down is scheduled to happen in 4 days (~250.630 HIVE).

Account History

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2 days agoTransfer to savings 0.007 HBD to dwinblood
3 days agoTransfer 250.580 HIVE to blocktradesef3b8bd4-b604-42da-80c8-c890bb2ac1d7
6 days agoClaim rewards: 0.007 HBD and 0.075 HIVE POWER
10 days agoTransfer to savings 1.139 HBD to dwinblood
10 days agoTransfer 250.439 HIVE to blocktrades37266c1b-0151-4d22-987b-465360f6c6f6
10 days agoClaim rewards: 1.139 HBD and 1.803 HIVE POWER
12 days agoClaim rewards: 0.031 HIVE POWER
12 days agoClaim rewards: 0.044 HIVE POWER
17 days agoReceived 0.001 HIVE from earn.hiveDid you know that you can get rewarded for your witness vote? Cast your witness vote on @earn.hive and start to receive HIVE tokens everyday.
17 days agoTransfer 250.292 HIVE to blocktradesd016fb6e-b4d8-4d8d-a6f4-77e7ea1bf81d
20 days agoTransfer 19.764 HIVE to blocktrades5f01b518-6860-4098-b0da-e137a64748c5
20 days agoReceived 10.122 HIVE from honey-swap{"id":"ssc-mainnet-hive","json":{"contractName":"hivepegged","contractAction":"removeWithdrawal","contractPayload":{"id":"b8d86e968b4b21543bbe23042f71aa32da474c05"}}}
20 days agoTransfer to savings 3.563 HBD to dwinblood
20 days agoClaim rewards: 9.615 HIVE, 3.563 HBD and 15.708 HIVE POWER
21 days agoTransfer to savings 0.018 HBD to dwinblood
21 days agoClaim rewards: 0.027 HIVE, 0.018 HBD and 0.180 HIVE POWER
23 days agoTransfer 5.185 HIVE to blocktrades34ee6732-7c69-43ba-840a-e99075fd0cbf
23 days agoTransfer 3.089 HBD to blocktrades41af2ab0-24e3-4956-a51a-8d7f2f53ff7f
23 days agoClaim rewards: 5.185 HIVE, 3.089 HBD and 10.391 HIVE POWER
24 days agoTransfer 250.145 HIVE to blocktrades6dc1cb6c-fbb5-450f-8e08-158bc94e8e12
25 days agoTransfer to savings 0.046 HBD to dwinblood
25 days agoReceive interest of 0.133 HBD
25 days agoClaim rewards: 0.046 HBD and 0.064 HIVE POWER
26 days agoTransfer 6.483 HBD to blocktradese241c2d8-2dc6-425b-adb4-f476c72387e8
26 days agoClaim rewards: 6.483 HBD and 8.871 HIVE POWER
27 days agoClaim rewards: 0.034 HIVE POWER
29 days agoTransfer 21.450 HIVE to blocktrades01b56cad-9214-40b6-b954-3fd8b4739156
29 days agoTransfer 4.644 HBD to blocktrades2431da2b-d62b-44d3-b8a4-8e675eaa367e
29 days agoReceived 21.450 HIVE from honey-swap{"id":"ssc-mainnet-hive","json":{"contractName":"hivepegged","contractAction":"removeWithdrawal","contractPayload":{"id":"1261b58822329bc5b1f58fcf14b012b1d9da8e91"}}}
29 days agoClaim rewards: 0.017 HIVE POWER
29 days agoClaim rewards: 0.034 HIVE POWER
last monthClaim rewards: 4.644 HBD and 6.203 HIVE POWER